As this month starts arguably the most exciting time in any sport, March Madness, each week we will be selecting our “Final Four” of a specific movie/tv/music/comics topic.  For the first installment, we’ve decided to pick our Final Four of Movie Villains. 

Dan’s Picks

Gollum, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy/The Hobbit


Played beautifully by Andy Serkis, Gollum is a very conflicted character, doing anything it will take to get his precious back. He’s slimy and conniving, but also very resourceful. The thing that makes him a top villain to me is that at times you feel almost sorry for Gollum and what the Ring has done to him, watching his decent from an ugly hobbit to an even uglier…whatever he is.

Darth Vader, The Star Wars Trilogy


Everyone knew this half man half machine was not to be trifled with as soon as he stepped through the doors of that rebel ship in Episode 4. And if seeing his towering stature wasn’t enough to strike fear into his enemies and movie goers alike, that iconic voice of James Earl Jones sealed the deal. Even with Hayden Christiansen doing his best to destroy the character by making him into a whiney bitch in the first three episodes, he still stands as a tall, dark, and raspy badass. That alone earns you a spot on anyone’s list of top villains.

Hans Gruber, Die Hard


When I first saw his character I was immediately hooked, he had everything going for him. He was well-dressed, well educated, and the way he carried himself with such bravado and smugness is great. Played by Alan Rickman, Hans Gruber is as ruthless as they come. Blowing away hostages if they get a little too uppity, absolutely annihilating police forces and terrorizing John McClane left and right make Hans Gruber not just a thief, but an exceptional thief as well as your number 2 villain.

The Joker, The Dark Knight


Okay, we all know this was coming but it just can’t be helped.  I’m a huge fan of the comic book character and all of his portrayals through different mediums. Whether it be cartoon shows, or a campy 1960’s version I just can’t get enough of the Clown Prince of Crime. Now what separates Ledgers version from all the others is he’s a total wild card. No one knows how he came to be, where he came from or what he’s doing. We even find out that the Joker doesn’t even know any of those details; all he cares about is causing chaos. All of the other villains had a reason for being evil, whether it be money, a prized possession, or wanting to rule the galaxy with your son, the Joker is evil because he likes to be evil. That’s it, there’s no higher power driving him other than him wanting to bring everyone down to his level.

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