Week 2 of our March Madness selections.  This week, we’re highlighting our favorite movie deaths of all-time.  BE WARNED!!!  We’re about to spoil the crap out of movies you should have already seen.

Mark’s Picks

Emily Brandt (Alice Eve), ATM – Hits her head on counter

Editor's Note: I haven't seen ATM, but it looks pretty awesome.
Editor’s Note: I haven’t seen ATM, but it looks pretty awesome.  Credit to whoever wants credit for this.

This movie is awful, and this death was the most memorable part of the movie. It’s become my go to example of a death that happened because they needed to kill off the character, but couldn’t figure out how. I imagine that after the writer spent days trying think of a creative way to do it, he received a phone call from his agent that said the script was due, so he said, ‘F it. She hits her head and died instantly. Problem solved.” In a genre that has plenty of ill-conceived death scenes, this one made me laugh the loudest.

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Apollo Creed, Rocky IV – Punch to head by Drago

apollo creed death

After my choice of Ivan Drago as one of my favorite villains, it should come as no surprise that the only death in Rocky IV would make this list. While the death isn’t as “funny” as Alice Eve’s, everything before and after the final punch still crack me up to this day. From Stallone’s acting at the end to Tony Burton (Duke, Apollo’s trainer) yelling for Rocky to throw in the towel, the scene has many humorous moments. And of course, Drago, responding to a reporter’s question with the cold-hearted, ‘If he dies, he dies.’ If Mickey’s death was the most touching and heart felt moment in the series, this was the complete opposite. But then again, Rocky IV is a ridiculous movie on all fronts, so this fits perfectly.

Burmese Soldiers, Rambo (2008) – Machete decapitation/50-Caliber gun to the head


Family–friendly, eh? The video speaks to itself. In a series that just became more and more separated from the book in which it’s based — for one, Rambo’s still alive (spoiler) — this final act takes the cake. If you continue watching the video, and I’m assuming you have, you’ll notice that John Rambo is basically playing Call of Duty. At this point, most movie-goers (myself included), have become desensitized to ultra-violence, but the opening two deaths of this scene will have anyone saying, ‘This is overkill.’ But yet, it is still hilarious and awesome.

Adrienne (Kristi Angus), Jason X – Drowned in liquid nitrogen; head smashed on counter


For a movie that I’ve only seen once, I remember this death more clearly than any other thing about the movie, including the actress that played Adrienne. For the longest time, I thought it was Bridgette Wilson-Sampras. But after re-watching the scene, and doing research, I realize that I was entirely wrong. So my apologies to Ms. Angus, even though your career didn’t really take off, you deserve to be properly attributed to this memorable and unique death scene.  Also, this is Jason in SPAAAAAAACCCCEE!

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