Looks like the Star Wars Galaxy isn’t immune to March Madness.

Hello, fantasy

Over at the Star Wars Official Site, they’ve put together a bracket that you can vote for your favorite Star Wars characters.

No Porkins?  SMH
No Porkins? SMH

Kind of a cool idea.  Voting starts today, March 18th and the winners will be revealed up until the overall winner is selected on April 9th.  I’m a big Star Wars fan, so this is right up my alley, but looking at the tourney, I can’t really see much opportunity for underdog picks.  Like, how many people are going to select Salacious Crumb over Jabba the Hutt?

They probably could’ve expanded it to 64 characters, as well.  There has to be enough to do so, even if they opened it up to the expanded universe.  The fans, I’m sure, would appreciate the opportunity to vote for Dash Rendar or someone like that.  To me, the toughest pick in the first round is Han vs. Lando.

What do you think?  Who’s in your Final Four?