Who’s ready for March 31st?  I’m pretty excited, though the wonderful people at AMC and HBO have decided to air The Walking Dead Season Finale and the Game of Thrones Season Premiere at the same time.  Decisions, decisions.

My walk to work includes a trip through New York Port Authority, which has a corridor of Game of Thrones character posters.  It makes the commute a little more interesting.


I’ve been revisiting the series lately, in preparation for the new season.  It warms my heart to go back to the first season and watch Joffrey get slapped by Tyrion Lannister, especially now knowing how vile Joffrey becomes up until the second season finale.  Tyrion is easily one of the best characters on television, but my favorite character is Arya Stark.  From the first episode, you just know the little spitfire is going to get herself into some serious trouble and her journey is a fascinating one.