It’s Week 3 of our March Madness picks.  This time around, we’re selecting our Final Four of guilty pleasures.  We all have those movies and TV shows that we know we probably shouldn’t enjoy as much as we do, but we just can’t help ourselves.  They’re the empty calories of pop culture and sometimes, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Anthony’s Picks

Pootie Tang


For anyone that recognizes the reference made in the title of this site, it should come as no surprise that Pootie Tang finds its way on this list.  What makes Pootie Tang so hilarious to me is just how absurd the film is.  Pootie, played by Lance Crouther, does not speak a single word of English, but that doesn’t stop anyone from understanding him.  So whether he’s saying the nay-no to 20 million dollars or sining your pitty on the runny kine, Pootie can’t help but make me laugh.  Especially when he’s hanging with his main damie, Trucky.  And did I mention that it was written and directed by comedy genius Louis C.K.?  Let that one sink in.

Joe Dirt


If you are starting to notice a trend here, while others may have a soft spot for trashy horror or cheesy 80’s action flicks, the gallons of ice cream in my movie-watching fridge are most definitely terrible low brow comedies.  To me, Joe Dirt is a classic for reasons I don’t even understand.  I could blame Christopher Walken for stealing every scene he’s in; especially when he threatens to stab people in the face with a soldering iron.  I could blame Kid Rock’s hilarious role as Robby, the bully that sends Joe away from the girl he loves.  But really, the whole thing to me is a brilliant work of one man’s quixotic journey to find his parents.  Life’s a garden.  Dig this movie.

The Brady Bunch Movies


Can you tell I grew up in the late 90’s, early 2000’s?  I couldn’t choose just one of these because to me, it’s all a part of the epic tome of the ongoing Brady tale.  Honestly, these movies had me at the casting of Gary Cole as Mike Brady.  What makes these movies so funny to me is that the family lives in blissful ignorance of how bizarre they are, while everyone they interact with can’t seem to reach them.  This allows the writers to keep with the spirit of the idealistic utopia the television family lived in, while doing so ironically and comedic.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch


Mark my words: Season of the Witch is the BEST.  HALLOWEEN.  SEQUEL.  EVER.  Again, it’s all about absurdity with this one, albeit unintentionally.  The writers seemed to throw everything they had at the wall and everything stuck.  The plot is so needlessly complicated that it should with Cliff’s Notes.  Is it an evil corporation behind everything?  Are they aliens?  What’s with the robots?  Didn’t anyone notice a piece of Stonehenge was missing?  Did he have sex with an alien robot?  Why does Silver Shamrock hate children so much?  All these questions will be asked and no answer will be revealed.  But if you’re into the needless slaughter of children, step right this way.  CAUTION: Prepare for extreme exposure to Tom Atkins.