By Dan Aquino

Recently, we saw the season finale of The Walking Dead. Although it was sad to know we had to wait until October for the next season to begin, we had the good fortune of Game Of Thrones finally returning for its third season on the very same night. It was the truest meaning of when one door closes another one opens, but with more boobs behind those doors and less zombies. So this got me to thinking, which one of these shows is the superior? They are both arguably the hottest shows on television to date, both are beloved by geeks and regular folk alike, and both kick serious ass. I finally know why God put me on this good Earth, to settle this age old debate once and for all!

Now, I’ve read almost all of the graphic novels of The Walking Dead and I have not read any of the A Song Of Fire And Ice series which Game Of Thrones is based off of, so I can’t grade these two based on their print counterparts alone which means I will strictly be going off the television shows. After talking with my good friend and editor of this fine site Anthony “All American” Del Vecchio, I decided that the categories that I will judge will be characters, storyline, villains, and violence. Remember that these are just my opinions, and if you feel that I have left out anything please feel free to leave a comment and I will either nod my head in approval, or just ignore it.


Game Of Thrones


GOT centers around a fictional land called Westeros and the seven kingdoms that inhabit them. The capital of Westeros is Kings Landing where there is a one true king, and the other kingdoms have rulers who answer to Kings Landing. The main story focuses here with the different families each vying for power. There is another storyline that focuses on the uninhabited lands North of The Wall. The Wall is exactly what it sounds like, a huge wall made of frozen ice that is supposed to help separate normal civilization and the horrors that live beyond the wall. This gargantuan divider is guarded by The Nights Watch, men who have given up normal life voluntarily or are given the choice of living theirs days out in the frozen tundra or death. These men fight the Wildlings, men who have been banished to the wastelands, and the even more dangerous White Walkers. White Walkers are to my understanding, pretty much ice zombies that can only be killed by burning them alive.

The strength of GOT’s storyline is that there is something constantly going on somewhere in Westeros. There are deals being made and broken, secrets are numerous, and lives are constantly at risk. Long story short, no one single character is safe.


The Walking Dead


The world in which The Walking Dead takes place in is not a fun picture at all. Out main character Rick Grimes wakes up after being shot in the line of duty (he’s a cop Spoiler Alert!!) and finds that everyone has become flesh eating monsters. He eventually reunites with his wife and son who are with other survivors, and Rick becomes the defacto leader. From there we follow Rick and the survivors as they try to find a place to start a new life away from the “walkers.” Walkers is the term used by the survivors for the zombies, which for a fun fact, is never said during the entire show. No need to look it up, I’m 100% certain on that.


While a story about the zombie apocalypse is always entertaining, I’m going to have to give this point to Game Of Thrones. Quite simply there is just a whole country to explore in GOT as opposed to sticking to Georgia in The Walking Dead. GOT is so brutal and unforgiving, I can’t remember the last time I watched an episode that ends on a happy note. I’ve also felt that there haven’t been as many lulls in a season with GOT where as in The Walking Dead the past season has been a big build up to nothing.