By Dan Aquino

Recently, we saw the season finale of The Walking Dead. Although it was sad to know we had to wait until October for the next season to begin, we had the good fortune of Game Of Thrones finally returning for its third season on the very same night. It was the truest meaning of when one door closes another one opens, but with more boobs behind those doors and less zombies. So this got me to thinking, which one of these shows is the superior? They are both arguably the hottest shows on television to date, both are beloved by geeks and regular folk alike, and both kick serious ass. I finally know why God put me on this good Earth, to settle this age old debate once and for all!

Now, I’ve read almost all of the graphic novels of The Walking Dead and I have not read any of the A Song Of Fire And Ice series which Game Of Thrones is based off of, so I can’t grade these two based on their print counterparts alone which means I will strictly be going off the television shows. After talking with my good friend and editor of this fine site Anthony “All American” Del Vecchio, I decided that the categories that I will judge will be characters, storyline, villains, and violence. Remember that these are just my opinions, and if you feel that I have left out anything please feel free to leave a comment and I will either nod my head in approval, or just ignore it.


Game Of Thrones


I had to go back and re-watch the first and second seasons because I honestly forgot how much violence there actually is in this series: there’s two beheadings within the first five minutes of the series premier and that’s pretty impressive. GoT doesn’t have many gory scenes with just a few major battles being fought, but uses that to its advantage. Men being disemboweled, having their legs sawed off, and being cut in two are just a taste of some of the grisly deaths and dismemberment the inhabitants of Westeros suffer.

The Walking Dead


When you have zombies as some of your main antagonists, there’s a very good chance that there’s going to be a lot of violence. The beauty of The Walking Dead is that they have freedom to do whatever they want to the zombies. Want to kill one by bashing its head in with a rock? Go for it! Want to kill one by slamming its head between a car doors? More power to you my friend, these things are dead! Do whatever you please! There have been some pretty memorable kills in this series, and I seriously doubt that they will run out of new ways to kill the walkers as the show continues.



As I said before, both of these shows have a ton of violence for us to sink our teeth into. Game of Thrones doesn’t even stop at blood shed most of the time (their go to subject is usually rape). But I have to award this point to The Walking Dead simply because they can be more creative with their violence. Some of it is so over the top that it’s goofy that it borderlines goofy, and the added human on human violence spices things up and keeps the show fresh. When a survivor is bitten and has to be put out of their misery, it can sometimes lead to pretty amazing kill scenes.


Well my friends, it appears we have ourselves a tie. And you know what they say about ties and kissing my sister: they’re bad.  That means we can only settle this one way…who has the best opening credits. And the winner is: Game of Thrones.

Overall I love these two shows to death and I hope they never ever get canceled. But when push comes to shove, I have to go with GoT. The history is so rich and deep and compelling that it forces you to pay attention to what has happened in the past to appreciate what is going on in the present. Although it gets confusing with all the characters popping up making it hard to follow at times, they each have an impact on the show. With all of the betrayal and scheming going around, you feel that you can never get too comfortable with these characters because they might not last another episode and that keeps me on the edge of my seat coming back Sunday after Sunday. The Walking Dead put up a hell of a fight, but sadly when you play the Game of Thrones you either win, or you die.