Much like the NFL Draft, broadcast TV upfronts spend four days choosing new shows for their schedules, and just like the NFL, nothing will be known until September or October. But instead of just allowing things to play out experts fill the time by giving grades or projecting which of these new shows will succeed, and which will fail. I feel this is almost impossible to do with any level of certainty because outside of a select few no one has seen the pilot episode in full. Right now, everything you read or see is based off of a trailer and a synopsis, which is to say that it’s nothing more than a gut feeling.

So in lieu of grades, I have listed the networks below based on how much they piqued my interest to tune in come fall, and the top-five pilots I am most excited about.  For more in-depth coverage of Upfronts week, visit Off The Mark Thoughts. Also, be sure to check in once the fall season begins for my reviews of each pilot.


  1. NBC

  2. ABC

  3. Fox

  4. CBS

  5. The CW

Top Five shows:

5. The Blacklist

4. The Michael J. Fox Show

3. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

1. Star-Crossed

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