Some times, you just gotta dance and these following scenes prove it.  Whether it’s around a dinner table or on the dance floor, to us, these are the best.

Dan’s Pick – The Dinner Table Dance, Beetlejuice


In a film about dead people, the last thing most people would expect to see is a family sitting down to a dinner party only to randomly break into random song and dance, but then again Beetlejuice was a Tim Burton flick. The first time I remember seeing the scene where Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis’s characters take possession of the Deetz’s and have them sing and dance to “The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)” made me crack up and still does to this day. My award for actor who takes it to the next level in this scene definitely goes to Catherine O’Hara, just watch her and tell me she doesn’t go all out and steal the show.

Mark’s Pick – The Dance Number, Silver Linings Playbook


Dancing sequences in movies can be ridiculous (She’s All That), often imitated (Dirty Dancing) or should never be talked about (Spiderman 3), but the best are those that showcase the theme of the movie. This is the reason why I currently rank the dance competition in Silver Lining Playbook as my top dance sequence.

The culmination of Pat’s (Bradley Cooper) journey from directionless boy living in the past to risk-taking man enjoying the present is tied to his change from reluctant participant to all-in performer. The sequence enhances the movie’s already endearing quirkiness while adding a dash of freshness to a stale genre. Also, we get to see Jennifer Lawrence in yoga pants and that will always earn my vote.

Anthony’s Pick – Olive’s Dance Number, Little Miss Sunshine


What makes this scene so great is the fact that it is a final reveal of a long-running mystery throughout the movie.  The dance number is kept a complete secret to the audience and to everyone else.  The only two that know what’s about to go down when the music starts playing are Olive and her grandfather.  And he’s dead.  It’s such a wonderful payoff to see Olive innocently raise the middle finger that her grandfather had been planning all along.  To see the rest of the family join in and actually have fun together for the first time shows how cathartic the whole moment is for both the family and the viewer.

Oh yeah… Rick James makes everything better.

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