British actor Christian Bale arrives for

By Dan Aquino

The San Diego Comic Con is always THE place for dropping the biggest news on everyone’s favorite superheroes, whether it be upcoming movies, television shows, or even just comics themselves. And this year Warner Bro. dropped a bombshell on its fans revealing in 2015 there will be a Batman/Superman crossover live action film. With Henry Cavil set to reprise the role of Superman, that leaves only one person left to be cast: Batman. There will be speculation on who the new caped crusader should be, but for now I’ll give you my insight on who it should be.

Christian Bale.

No One Better Than the Man Himself


I went through a list of my names in my head for this. Joseph Gorden Levitt, Joe Manganiello, Bradley Cooper. Everyone I thought of was handsome, good build, but doesn’t have the brooding personality that Bale brought to the table. He was able to play both sides perfectly, and was able to give both Bruce Wayne and Batman incredibly depth like no one before.

A Chance to Re-Team with Christopher Nolan


Christopher Nolan will be producing this crossover event. We have seen what Bale and Nolan can do when they team up for a Batman movie, and now we saw what Nolan is capable of with another hero. It only makes sense that these two reunite for two of the worlds finest heroes.

Superior in the Acting Department


I’m not sure what path Warner Bros. will take with their new Batman, but out of all the other actors on the list I would have to imagine that Bale has to be in the top 3 for best acting quality. Regardless of a story line or how epic its characters might be, you still need top notch acting and I think Bale would fit nicely with fellow Brit Henry Cavil.