The final line of films can be the most powerful moments.  Beautiful friendships have been solidified and closeups have been prepared for, leaving a lasting impression on the moviegoing public.  Here’s our favorites.


Dan’s Pick – “The truth is… I am Iron Man.” – Tony Stark, Iron Man


In a single sentence, Tony Stark breaks the number 1 rule of being a super-hero by giving away his secret identity. But in true genius, billionaire, playboy fashion he does it at a press conference for the world to see, not like Batman who kind of just gives away his identity for anything wearing a skirt. The beauty of him admitting that he is Iron Man isn’t that he wants to take responsibility for being a hero, he comes out because he’s kind of a glory hog and wants to reap the benefits of being awesome.


Mark’s Pick – “Nobody’s Perfect.” – Osgood Fielding III, Some Like it Hot


When I found out that, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” was not the final line from Gone With the Wind, I was disappointed. I wanted to highlight the second best delivery of the line in the history of film by… Clark Gable. (The best was delivered here).

As I went back to square one, I was reminded of the final line from the ageless comedy, Some Like it Hot, “Well, nobody’s perfect.” The classic line was brilliantly delivered by Joe E. Brown, and has amused three generations of my family, and hopefully a fourth when my niece is old enough to watch.

There wasn’t a better way to end the film than to close it on the ridiculous notion — especially for 1959’s America — that Brown’s millionaire character was not the least bit worried that his “fiancé” Daphne (played by Jack Lemmon in drag) was a man. It was the perfect punctuation to a story that will never be outdated.


Anthony’s Pick – “Roads?  Where we’re going we don’t need roads.” – Doc Brown, Back to the Future


Is there a single line in cinema that has carried so much promise with it than this line?  I think not.

Back to the Future is one of my all-time favorite movies, and this line is the perfect capper to the first installment of the trilogy.  Through nearly two hours, we just watched Marty go back in time and save his parents’ marriage and with this line, it’s almost as if Doc is saying “You ain’t seen nothing yet”.  But he’s neither Bachman nor Turner, so he had to think of something else.

Whether or not Back to the Future II fills the promise offered by this line (personally, I think it’s a fine sequel), the line perfectly encapsulates the optimism in adventure movies of the 1980s.


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