Regular contributor Mark Myers is doing a series of blog posts this month looking back at the popular teen dramas in 2003. Here’s the rundown and be sure to check out his blog for regular updates.

Off The Mark Thoughts

Courtesy of Zap2it

For the next four weeks, we will be taking a look back to magical time in television known as 2003. That year was significant for the teen drama genre because of an interesting changing of the guard. The quartet of shows featured over the next month includes Dawson’s Creek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The O.C. and One Tree Hill.

Each week will feature a different show in the spotlight, starting with Dawson’s Creek today. The week will breakdown as follows:

Monday: Short Retrospective

Tuesday: Romantic Relationships

Wednesday: Platonic Relationships

Thursday: Our Top Five Episodes

Friday: Podcast/Special Feature

Be sure to leave your memories of the shows and/or characters in the comments, or discuss it with me on twitter @offthemarktweet.

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