Tomorrow kicks off the 2014 NFL Season, so we’ve decided to go with our favorite quarterbacks.  Whether they have a cannon for an arm, an interesting back story, or they fight harder for that one inch than anyone, we want these movie characters to head our favorite teams.

Dan’s Pick: Junior, Little Giants


When we discuss great QBs we tend to think about the Marino’s, the Elways, and the Sanchez’s. Ok well maybe not Sanchez, but this QB is definitely better than him. Junior from The Little Giants was the quintessential quarterback. He had a cannon for an arm, had charisma, and all the chicks wanted a piece of him. Of course he settles for the Ice Box which in hindsight is a terrible idea when he could of went steady with a cheerleader but that’s besides the point. Junior was a good kid with a heart of gold and even played hurt after taking a cheap shot from Spike. I’d take that kid over most other QBs any day.


Mark’s Pick: Shane Falco, The Replacements

The Replacements

When a man can go from scraping barnacles off boats to leading a team of misfits to a victory against a professional football team then he is obviously in a movie. Also, he is the greatest quarterback to ever grace the silver screen, Shane Falco. Keanu Reeves’ portrayal of the stage frightened QB was the highlight of a surprisingly entertaining sports comedy. This is probably because Adam Sandler wasn’t in it.

Falco is rescued from his dead end job at the marina by Jimmy McGinty, head coach of the local professional football team in Washington D.C. McGinty chooses Falco because prior to a meltdown in the Sugar Bowl, he was one of the best QBs in college football. And naturally, he becomes the unquestioned leader of a rag tag group of replacement players.  Eventually, the professional players begin to break the picket lines, including Eddie (don’t call me Rick) Martel, the Sentinels’ All-Pro Quarterback.

The team doesn’t respond to Martel during their big game against Dallas. You know who they respond to? That’s right, the greatest quarterback in movie history, Shane Falco. After arriving in the second half, he leads them on a winning drive, and in a way that can only happen in movies, he is redeemed for his Sugar Bowl loss.

Despite being a fictional character, Falco is possibly the second most famous QB from Ohio State University. He is to the Buckeyes what Rocky is to Philadelphia boxing. Even if you dismiss everything else mention above, this last fact proves that he is the best quarterback in the history of film.

Also, he has miles and miles of heart.


Anthony’s Pick: Flash Gordon, Flash Gordon


Don’t be mistaken: I am not picking Flash Gordon because of his sudden re-emergence into pop culture thanks to Ted.  No, I choose Flash Gordon because I am a Jet fan.  A long suffering Jet fan and the truth is that Flash Gordon is the best quarterback the New York Jets have had since Joe Namath.

Right now, I’d take Flash Gordon over the current mess the New York Jets are calling a QB controversy.  Hell, I’d take Sam J. Jones over Mark “The Butt Fumble” Sanchez.  Flash Gordon is not only a quarterback; he’s the savior of the universe.  And he has his own theme song.


Who’s the best movie quarterback?  Don’t forget to vote at the bottom or comment with your pick.