If you’ve been asleep for the past few years of great television, then this list is going to come as quite a surprise to you.  You should probably proceed with caution if you’re just starting Game of Thrones.

As Breaking Bad is winding down, and we’ve already lost some key characters, there’s no telling who is on the chopping block next.  It’s become increasingly popular to off a character that makes watching television a jarring and sometimes depressing experience and these are just some of the deaths that left us speechless.

5. Opie, Sons of Anarchy

Ryan Hurst and Charlie Hunnam as Opie Winston and Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy S05E03 Opie Dies 8

Poor Ope.  Opie seemed to be the best part of everyone else in the club and the life of a motorcycle gang member never seemed to agree with him.  He had a sense of morality not seen in the others, and the life took it all away from him: his wife, his father, and his own life.  In a pure Opie move, though, he put his own life on the line to save the other members of SAMCRO and in death, he continued to proved he was better than any of the others.

4. Rob Stark, Catelyn Stark, and Talisa Stark, Game of Thrones


It still hurts.  It really does.  I’ve already gone into detail regarding my experience watching the Red Wedding, but I’m still having difficulty dealing with it.  The Starks are supposed to be the heroes of this story, and it’s obvious that we’re just not destined to have a happy ending with them.  That is until Arya gets older and goes HAM on all of Westeros, a la my dreams.

3. Eddard Stark, Game of Thrones


The Red Wedding was one of the most gut-punching moments in television that I’ve been a witness to, but the death of Ned Stark set the tone for the entire series.  For the non-readers, it definitely came as a surprise to see Ned find himself on the wrong side of the axe; Sean Bean was the most recognizable actor on the show and the fact that he dominated the storylines of the first season led us to believe he’d be in it for the long haul.  Boy, were we wrong.

2. Adriana La Cerva, The Sopranos


I can still hear her pleads for her own life as she scurried around the dead leaves in the Jersey Pine Barrens.  What makes this so sad is that Adriana was more or less an innocent within the world of the Soprano family business.  It’s unfortunate that she chose such a scumbag murderer/addict for a boyfriend and fiancée, but at the same time, like most other women in these types of shows, she was complicit in a lot of things.  It’s still tough to watch, and it’s one of the defining moments of one of the greatest shows of all time.

1. Connor Gavin, Rescue Me


Rescue Me was a frustrating show to watch.  At times, I honestly thought it was the best show on television, but the writing and story arcs proved excruciatingly repetitive, where seasons at a time seemed to pass where nothing actually happened.  The emotions were always there, however, and no event in the show quite compared with the death of Connor Gavin, Tommy Gavin’s youngest child.  Now, I’m not sure if I will ever feel the move necessary, but there’s no doubt that it became a defining moment of the show.