Season finale time!  It’s going to be a long time before we meet back up with Rick and the Gang, so hopefully this one left you all satisfied.  I thought that the episode definitely had some pretty good moments, especially when Joe’s crew catches up to Rick, but I personally think the cliffhanger doesn’t spell out a great season five.  I’ll explain, but first here’s what I learned:


Be Wary of Anyone That Seems to Have Plenty of Barbecue During An Apocalypse


Rick says it himself this episode. Food has become a priority in their lives; finding food has become as difficult as fighting off any walker or lunatic for the group and it’s no doubt the same everywhere else in the country. Except at Terminus. They seem to have all the fixins for an A-class tailgate with no worries about running out. It’s seemed sort of suspicious at the end of the last episode; now, the fear is ultimately realized: Terminus is eating people and they taste like chicken. Especially Beth. She was delicious.


Joe Just Needed An Excuse to Rape Something


I get that Joe and his men have a moral code and all, but at the same time, he’s admitted that they don’t necessarily like each other; they just help each other out for survival purposes. So it is a little unsettling to me that the guy that Rick wound up killing in the bathroom was so important to Joe and his crew that Joe’s ready to rape Michonne and Carl as a form of revenge. Sure, kill Rick. An eye for an eye makes sense, but Joe takes it a step further and promises to make Rick watch as multiple men forcibly sodomized his teen son before doing the same to Michonne. What kind of moral code is that Joe? Sounds like your bullshit are also just a bunch of lies.


Where This Leaves Off Makes For An Awkward Season Five


While this was a pretty decent episode, it leaves everything in a very awkward position. We can expect that this next season will be split up into 8 episode chunks again, but we can’t possibly stick around Terminus for 8 full episodes can we? That shit is going to get stale quick; there are only so many things that can be done within those train cars. On the other hand, if they leave Terminus too quickly, we’re going to be left with another bunch of episodes where they just walk around all the time.

Personally, I think they may have busted the nut a little too early. They revealed too much before the end but they didn’t reveal enough to make it seem right. So what we have is this kind of grey area where either Terminus is going to last two more episodes tops or it’s going to wear out its welcome. They missed the sweet spot, which is a shame. What they could’ve done to make it work a little better would be to find a similar moment to when Hank puts it all together during the final mid-season finale of Breaking Bad. That was a perfect moment to take a hiatus on. Though, we did get to hear Rick say his famous, if not slightly edited, line.