The Walking Dead is back, ladies and gentlemen, and season five starts off with a pretty good episode. We get to see how Terminus came to be such a shitty place, Tyreese finally snap, and Rick takes out some guys hungry for his meat. Here’s what we learned:

1. It’s About Damn Time, Tyreese


We suffered for a looooong time with Tyreese acting like Mr. Mom. I’m not complaining because I have some archaic vision of gender roles; I’m just well aware of how much of a badass Tyreese is supposed to be. We finally get him to break his lame ass code of honor of not killing people and kills some bitches. It was awesome, although we miss out on some of the best carnage. We get a great moment of him blasting through a door like a SWAT team, so that’s pretty fucking awesome.

2. Carol’s Got That Steady Hand


Talking to a friend of mine at work, he made a comparison between Carol from the show and the version of Andrea that comes from the comic books, and it’s a pretty valid comparison. In the books, Andrea was the sniper and all-around badass. While we haven’t exactly had any indication that Carol is a dead-eye with a sniper rifle, but here it is. We also get to see her take some sons of bitches out with a firework, so kids, steer clear of them or your pretty likely to blow your arm off.

3. This Show Will Not Kill Main Characters Until They Milk Them


This is sort of a minor gripe that I have with the show, as I understand that they need to complete story arcs and all that jazz, but the show does not go out of its way to surprise-kill a main character. Every time we lose a main character, like a Herschel or an Andrea, they inexplicably become a major focus for the show a few episodes prior. It’s great for the actors, because once they’re gone, all the fans wind up missing them (except Andrea, because she sucked). So don’t get too close to Carol, everyone.

This episode had a golden opportunity to shock people by offing one of four characters (well, three, because Bob doesn’t count), but they chose to kill off some randoms once again. The body count was high in this one, as Terminus falls, but everyone we care about makes it out alive. Even Bob, which is just plain crazy.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode, especially when you’re considering that it’s a season premiere. If you consider last season to be a bit of a low point for the series, this episode kind of gives you hope for the rest of the season.