Other - Goosebumps by R.L. Stine

This week, we have a very special episode of Goosebumps to review. Why is it so special? Because it stars none other than everyone’s favorite baby goose, Ryan Gosling. That’s right, ladies: if you’re a true fan of the Gos, than your set your lady boners to disappointed as you see your mans as a dorky teen in a terribly low-budget kids’ show.

"Hey girl..."
“Hey girl…”

“Say Cheese and Die” is your standard episode of Goosebumps in which you’re pretty sure you’ve seen this same story before on The Twilight Zone or a similar show. That’s not to say this is a awful episode; it’s much better than that last episode I reviewed, but it’s not anything mind blowing.

So the story is that Baby Goose and his friends break into a crazy mad scientist’s lair (because that’s a good idea), and steal a weird looking camera. Of course, the camera is enchanted, as it either predicts bad things that are going to happen or causes them to happen. It’s never made clear which one it is, but it doesn’t really matter, as the effect is still the same. The story is effective in its own right, but the short runtime kind of rushes everything past any sort of real drama.

Most importantly, there’s opportunity for a drinking game with this one:



            -When a picture is taken

            -When Bird juggles

            -When Terry calls Greg a “troll”


            -When you see a fanny pack

            -When someone says “Take my picture”


Trust me: you’ll get shitfaced.