Synopsis: Grumpy Cat (Aubrey Plaza) narrates the tale of the time she thwarted an attempted theft of a million-dollar dog by a couple of bumbling thieves with the help of a socially awkward future cat lady.

In the world of Vine stars, Youtube celebrities, and teens with thousands of Twitter followers, a movie about a talking Grumpy Cat was always the natural progression of things. Fortunately, we were spared a theatrical release and Lifetime decided to add to their roster of inane holiday movies with the story of Grumps and her brand of sass.

I would say that this movie isn’t as bad as it could have been, but it’s also not as fun as it should have been. Part of the problem is that the move is entirely aware that the concept is absurd, so it spends most of the time winking at the camera. After a few winks, it’s just harassment and it becomes sort of obnoxious; and such is the life of any meme worth its mettle.

This movie should be watched just on the basic oddness of the project. It’s unlike any other holiday film Lifetime or the like-minded Hallmark Channel has ever put forth, and that is somewhat worth the price of admission. Watch it drunk, probably.  There are some chuckles to be had, but overall it’s not that funny nor is it all that Christmas-y.  Grumpy Cat would love how miserable it makes you.

grumpy cat aubrey plaza

Note: Also, if you happen to know my fianceé, tell her she reminds you of Aubrey Plaza’s character in Parks and Recreation, April Ludgate.  She loves that.