Ever wonder what it would have been like to see John Hammond’s dream come true where people would get to see live dinosaurs without the threat of them wreaking havoc and eating everyone who was there? Well you’re about to get your wish…sort of. The Jurassic World trailer landed earlier this week and it looks like they’re turning the volume up to eleven. Set twenty-two years after the first installment of Jurassic Park, we finally get to see a fully developed theme park where guests can pretty much walk amongst the prehistoric beasts almost like The Wild Kingdom in Disneyworld.

The trailer opens up with Hollywood’s favorite actress who always plays the super-hot leads best friend, Judy Greer. She is sending her kids to the park by themselves (still a better parent than Kim Kardashian) and then we get our first glimpse of the gates swinging open to the theme park with the words flashing across the screen “The Park Is Open.” We then get a quick walkthrough of some areas of the park such as a safari ride, the main concourse, and a Sea World exhibit where this gigantic sea monster rips out of the water and consumes an entire great white shark in one bite. It is, by far, the best part of this trailer.

Next, we cut to a scientist played by Bryce Dallas Howard speaking in some mumbo jumbo about being able to finally cross breed their own dinosaur. Enter Chris Pratt who is part Jeff Goldblum and part that Australian guy from the first movie who is a terrible hunter even though that was his only job in the theme park. Pratt warns Howard that making their own dinosaur probably isn’t the greatest idea and we see flashes of people running and some guy getting dragged by some mystery beast. More running and yelling later, we come to the title screen of Jurassic World set to the original theme of the first movies, but this time it’s being played very slowly and ominously. The final shot we see if Pratt riding his motorcycle in a pack of raptors, which is also very badass. I was unhappy to see that Pratt doesn’t dance to any 80’s music in this trailer, but I’ll take what I can get.

Will I See This Movie?

Just like life, uh, finds a way, I will be seeing this movie. Most likely multiple times. I’m eager to see what new dino’s are introduced to the theme park as well as seeing how imaginative the director can be with the destruction that will be caused by the dinosaurs escaping. Jurassic World is set to open June 12th, 2015 and stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio and the Asian guy who was in the first movie.


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