For what it’s worth, the actual tree-lighting moment at Rockefeller Center is pretty magical. Also, if you ever get a chance to head to New York during the holidays, seeing the tree is worth the price of admission; it never disappoints. But let’s be honest: the tree lighting should take 3 minutes maximum. The rest of the 57 minutes of this special could have been scrapped for something else. Anything else.

Poor Mariah Carey. Usually, people are up in arms when artists take it upon themselves to lip-synch at events such as this. Just look at how awful Kiss was at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. So, when the songstress decided to go live with her “All I Want For Christmas is You”, it’s a little unfair that she gets criticized for how awful it was. But make no mistake: it was awful.

Other than that, there wasn’t a single memorable performance: Tony Bennett was trotted out to talk-sing with an over-anunciating Lady Gaga (seriously, she sounded like a drunk Liza Minneli), and some other people were there.

I usually don’t tune into this thing, but seeing as how I have a blog to update regularly, I figured it couldn’t hurt. It was just kind of odd and, like Mariah, utterly tone deaf.