Hey everybody! Remember how we all clamored for a Terminator sequel after T2: Judgement Day? And remember when we got that sequel and it was abysmal? Remember after that, no one really wanted another sequel and they just kept giving us sequels? Well get ready folks, because here comes another one of those pointless cash grabs with Terminator: Genisys (that can’t be how it’s spelled, can it?).

It was inevitable that the Terminator franchise would get its own reboot. Following suit with every other franchise, but if the new trailer that dropped recently is any indication of what is to be, we’re looking at another movie with decent action, and a tired Arnold running around making call backs to the first two installments. With that, let’s take a quick look at the latest Terminator trailer.

It opens up in the future, where John Connor (played by Jason Clarke, who has really made a name for himself in recent years) is leading the resistance as per usual against Skynet. He discovers that Skynet is sending back a Terminator to kill his mother before he is ever born and asks for a volunteer to go back and protect her, just like in the first movie. Kyle Reese (played by Jai Courtney) offers himself as tribute (wait…wrong franchise) and is sent back to what I think is the 1980’s just like the first movie. Unlike the first movie, Sarah Conner (Emilia Clarke) is fully aware that the Skynet has sent back a really bad CGI young version of Arnold to kill her.

We see that an older version of Arnold is her protector, and has been since she was a child apparently. The old Arnold confronts the new Arnold and then we see that another version of the T-1000 (the liquid metal Terminator) has also been sent back. Unfortunately, he isn’t played by Robert Patrick, but instead by some Asian dude. A few more action scenes go by, with the T-1000 admittedly doing some kick ass stuff like morphing out of a police car, Transformers style, and slicing off his own hand and making a spear out of it and then we hear those magical three words that were going to be in this movie come hell or high water: “I’ll be back.”

Will I See This Movie?

Most likely not. I’ve grown stale on the whole reboot route that studios have been going down. I’m among the many that feel that perfection was reached with Judgment Day and everything after that was completely unnecessary. I also feel from this trailer that the casting might be way off. Jai Courtney was pretty bland in the last Die Hard movie, and I can’t see Emilia Clarke having the same rough demeanor that Linda Hamilton brought to Sarah Connor.