Last year, I reviewed a number of South Park’s often-brilliant Christmas-themed episodes, but I never actually got around to my one they’ve ever done: the fucked-up “Woodland Critter Christmas”. Up there with “Scott Tenorman Must Die” this episode is one of the most depraved episodes the show has ever done and it is also one of the best.

With a Dr. Seuss-like voiceover, the episode tells the tale of Stan’s encounter with adorable woodland creatures. Stan accidentally gets wrapped up in their world, which unbeknownst to him, sets him on a path that makes for the worst Christmas ever, complete with orphaning lion cubs and aborting the Antichrist. It’s all in line with your standard brand of South Park humor and the payoff is perfect.

South Park always seems to get Christmas right in its own sort of terrible way.  I guess that should be no surprise, as it started off as an online Christmas card.  Every year, Matt and Trey always seem to come up with an oddball take on the holiday and it continues to be a must-watch episode every season.