2014 in review centered

We here at the Main Damie don’t just care about movies, so we thought we’d bring you the top five moments of the year in sports. For this post, we chose the one staff member with a background in sports journalism, Mark. You know, to make it feel authentic or something. Feel free to add your own moments in the comments, or you could just call Mark an idiot; we do it every day.


5. Teemu Selanne Retires

Los Angeles Kings v Anaheim Ducks - Game Seven

As The Main Damie’s resident hockey fan, the final season of the greatest hockey player in the history of Finland was bittersweet. At 43 years old, it wasn’t a surprise by any means but that doesn’t mean it was something hockey fans wanted to see. It was only a coincidence that when he won his first and only Stanley Cup, I happened to be cutting onions at the same time.

Teemu Forever.


4. Ole Miss Loses Game Due To Horrific Injury


There are a multitude of way to lose a football game, but no one ever imagine that their team will lose when the star receiver, while going in for the go-ahead TD late in fourth quarter, fumbles on the one-yard-line because he almost snapped his leg in half. I normally add a visual component to these lists, but this was too gruesome, even for me.


3. Lebron Goes Home


This was as close to a movie script as real life could possibly be. Whether you agree with it, you have to respect a star, who could’ve gone anywhere, deciding to go back to where he grew up to finish what he started. Is LeBron better than Michael Jordan? Maybe. But one thing’s for sure, if he wins a title in Cleveland he would’ve done one thing that his Airness never did: win a title in his hometown.


2. The Odell Beckham Catch


Look at that photo. Look at it. I mean, really?!?! I don’t even know how he did it. I know I’m going to have a love/hate relationship with him for the next decade or more. And I just ended one of those with…


1. Jeter’s Last Game


Honestly, if you don’t respect (I will not use the hashtag) Derek Jeter, then I don’t know. Much like one of my favorite baseball players, Jimmy Rollins, Jeter almost single handedly willed the Yankees to become champions again. I unironically tip my hat to you, Derek.


Mark Myers is from Philadelphia.  He freezes snowballs in the winter so he has something to throw at the New York Mets during the summer.  Learn his tricks on his Twitter feed.