I figured I would take a break from reviewing superhero trailers for a little while, or until Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out some time next week and try to focus on something a little more respectable. And by respectable I mean the sequel to the Seth McFarlane run-away hit Ted. With Ted 2 we find the foul-mouthed living teddy bear has moved on with his life by getting married and is trying to have a child, because Seth McFarlane. The only problem is Ted is not considered a real person so he has to go to court and fight for his right to have a kid, because life doesn’t make sense anymore. Ted and his best friend John (played by Mark Wahlberg) go on the hunt for the perfect sperm donor and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say hilarity will ensue.

Right off the bat you can tell not much is going to change. We have Patrick Stewart doing the voice over, Flash Gordon is the priest at Teds’ wedding, and the ole’ spilling the entire rack of donor sperm at the fertility clinic gag is in there. When it comes to Seth McFarlane, the old saying is true- if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. He knows his target audience, and he could pretty much put anything on the screen and people will love it…unless we’re talking about A Million Ways to Die In The West, which I am shocked didn’t do that well, but I also have a thing for Westerns. Anyways what I’m getting at is you’re going to get a ton of the same humor that put McFarlane on the map from the looks of this trailer.


Will I See It:

More than likely I will if I can find an AMC Loews near me. I’ve been in Massachusetts for a month and I can’t seem to find one anywhere near me, which is a huge bummer because I have their rewards card. But I digress. I enjoyed the first Ted movie and although I don’t think the sequel will outperform its predecessor, I’ll be going into this film strictly to laugh at stupidity. This was definitely not one of those comedy trailers when after you watch it you think they probably showed us all the funniest moments from the film, giving us just the right amount to let us know what you’ll be paying for. Neither good nor bad, this movie will do a fine job of bridging the gap from Jurassic World to Ant-Man.



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