If you’re a fan of football, you’ve probably heard a little bit about Geno Smith and his glass jaw costing him 6-10 weeks because of a $600 debt. In celebration of that locker room KO, I’ve decided to give you a list of the best knockout punches in film.

HONORABLE MENTION: Jason Decapitates a Guy With a Punch – Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

This is just ridiculous. It needs to be mentioned.

5. Nic Cage Punches a Girl While Dressed Like a Bear – Wicker Man

How do you not put this one on the list? It’s Nicolas Cage, he’s dressed like a bear, and he punches an unsuspecting woman right in the face. I’m not an advocate for assaulting a rather defenseless woman, but this is Wicker Man we’re talking about; wacky shit goes down in this one and this part has Nicolas Cage dressed like a bear.

4. McLovin Gets Hit in the Liquor Store – Superbad

This is on this list mostly because of how far out of leftfield it comes. The viewer sees the punch as McLovin does, which is barely at all. Besides, we’re less than half way through the film and we already kind of want to see McLovin get his ass kicked. So this is perfect.

3. Phil Punches Out Ned – Groundhog Day

All the frustration of living the same day over and over again can where on a person, especially if you’re already a curmudgeon like Phil Connors. Poor Ned didn’t stand a chance; it’s all fate that they would have that same conversation over and over and over again. It’s really not Ned’s fault, but we also can’t blame Phil for growing tired of Ned’s Flanders-ish upbeat demeanor.

2. “You Got Knocked the F*** Out!” – Friday

Before “Bye, Felicia!” became a thing, the most enduring quote from the classic Friday is Chris Tucker’s declaration of Red’s current state of consciousness. It’s reprised later at the end when Craig gives Deebo his comeuppance, but the first time is the best, because Red gets launched about five feet in the air by Deebo, played by Tiny Lister.

1. George McFly Knocks Out Biff – Back to the Future

No punch has had more of an impact on future events than the punch that knocked out Biff in the parking lot during the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. George finally sticks up for himself, which leads to a long life of self-confidence and a better situation for the McFlys. Not only does the punch knock out big old Biff, but also he spins around through the shear force of McFly’s left hook. Who knew George was a southpaw?

Anthony Del Vecchio has never been punched in the face, but he’s pretty sure he’d be good at it.  Follow him on Twitter.