It’s a geeky week for The Main Damie Podcast.  Huge news in the worlds of two of our favorite franchises dropped this week, so we spend most time talking about them.

After we check in with everyone and learn about Mark’s progress on the newest Metal Gear Solid, Dan talks about his experiences at this year’s New York Comic Con, cosplaying, and his failed attempts to talk to adult film stars.
We move on to Back to the Future Day, which just so happens to be today (October 21st).  We discuss the trilogy as a whole, talk about the intricacies of time travel, and lament about the inventions we never got.

We finish off with a discussion on Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and the brand new trailer that dropped on Monday.  We talk about our hopes for the movie, any fears we have moving forward, and why Mark hates it so much.
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