On this spooky episode, it’s Halloween at the Main Damie and we remember our fallen brother, Anthony, as he was unable to join us, but we know he was there in spirit. Mark and Dan decide to carry on without him and do the best they can.

We begin with Mark asking Dan if he should finally give up the dream of having long hair and get a buzz cut. The two follicly challenged editors then have a longer than needed conversation about their strategies for hanging on to their hair for as long as possible.

After traveling down the scary road of going bald, the two reminisce about their favorite Halloween costume and what made them special. Mark reveals his costume for 2015, and Dan discusses if high concept ideas are worth it.

The conversation then transitions into the whether Jared Leto’s Joker is the right direction to take the character. We then spend the next 20 minutes or so discussing the interstices of the most famous villain in movies or television.

We close with an in-depth discussion on what kind of storytelling appeals to us, and Mark expresses his disappointment with where iZombie appears to be headed.

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