On this first episode in November, we are joined via satellite from Parts Unknown by Anthony. He is able to join us for only the first part of the show before he is taken away by the spirit of the Warrior.

Before he vanished, Anthony discussed the recent twist in the Shia Labeouf saga. We debate whether this is an ego trip or if he is mentally unstable. Everyone decides that for his sake we hope he is just an asshole.

After Anthony leaves this celestial plane, Mark and Dan solider on and discuss why Daniel Craig has decided burn every bridge connected to the James Bond series. The pair debate what this means for the character and Craig himself.

We close the show with another one of Mark’s broad topics. He was curious what everyone’s “time sinks” were and why they do them. Soon the discussion turns into a pseudo therapy session for Mark as he confesses that he spends too much time playing video games.