The Holy Triumvirate returns for a full episode, and The Main Damie Podcast will never be the same. Our first December episode goes places that even those on it weren’t expecting.

After a timed discussion of the new Batman v. Superman trailer, Mark wants to know what the group considers their most regrettable purchases. After Mark reveals that he purchased Vin Diesel’s XXX on release day, he begins to realize that his topics may be a cry for help.

Before we moved on to a second topic, Dan tells us about a tweet he sent to Landry Allbright (Con Air) about how hot he knew she’d become when he saw her as a pre-teen. Thus, beginning a new segment, ‘Guys, is this creepy?’

Once we figure out Dan’s creepiness level, his topic explores the idea of horror Christmas movies and why there aren’t many of them. Everyone agrees that it is a genre worth exploring, but one that is hard to make exciting. At the end of the discussion, Dan reveals the scariest thing uttered on the podcast: he knows someone who thinks that Seth Rogan’s The Interview is the best comedy they’ve ever seen.

The final topic can be summed up in two words: Bear Rape.

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