We return to the podcast world this week short one member, but we solider on without him. May he finally be at peace and we will see you at the crossroads, Dan.

We start our grieving process by catching everyone up on what we’ve done in the 2 months, which included a discussion about The Revenant that was unfortunately (?) light on the bear rape talk. Mark discusses Anthony’s innate ability to know what movie he will like, and why Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was almost too easy of a recommendation.

Our two fearsome Damers move on to discuss cynicism in entertainment and why it can be both a good and bad thing depending on your target. This allows the topic to smoothly transition from The Revenant to a forthcoming feature on Life is Strange, which is the only time a story about a teenage girl with rewind powers could be in the same discussion about a film where Leo sleeps in a deer carcass — a scene that fills Anthony’s heart with joy in retrospect.

As we think about Dan’s ghostly photo floating next to Easy E, we hit the crux of our podcast: The Fuller House Drinking Game! Mark (stupidly) took it upon himself to attempt the challenge set forth by Anthony. Fortunately, he lives to tell us about the journey through the most difficult way that anyone will ever watch Fuller House. Let’s just say that the pilot episode is the Dark Souls of drinking games.

We dabble in Oscar discussions this episode, but look forward to our full recap later this week when Dan may or may not rise from the dead to join us. Thank you all for listening and please send any questions you would like us to answer on the podcast to our e-mail address: themaindaime@gmail.com.