Our faithful Damies return to discuss the large amount of nerdy news that occurred last week. Mark and Anthony do their best to stretch out the first two-thirds of the podcast until Dan can join them from Parts Unknown.But it is obvious that the effect of Batman v Superman’s quality has pained the DC fan.

The extra-long episode opens with an impromptu topic about Anthony and Mark’s love of sports. We find out that the pair has gone in different directions as Anthony has become more focused, while Mark has spent the last decade learning about as many sports as possible. There is a discussion of the Olympics that somehow avoided the equestrian events.

For the second topic, they transition into a discussion of the least talked about best series on television, Orphan Black. Recorded on the night of the season 4 premiere, Mark and Anthony use the BBC America series to discuss amazing performances, best seasons of television, and the differences between Tatiana Maslany and Eddie Murphy. Spoilers: One is much better a playing multiple characters than the other.

After what seemed like an eternity, Dan finally pops in to discuss the blitz of comic book movie news. We open with the Rouge One trailer, and Mark professes his love for both Felicity Jones and the title of the movie. The discussion turns into a mash-up of the Dr. Strange and Suicide Squad trailers, the new Bat-fleck movie and a short break down of what went wrong with Dawn of Justice. The trio has mostly different opinions on the DC Cinematic Universe, but they all agree that Suicide Squad should have just been a Harley Quinn movie.

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