On this edition of the Main Damie Podcast, our beloved Damies cover everything from video games to a cult TV show to the death of legend. We learn a lot about our heroes, including that they are old.

In our pre-topic discussion, Mark explains to Dan why Dark Souls is considered one of the tougher game series ever released, and why it’s not as bad as it’s reputation. All we really get from his explanation is that Mark is a masochist — a fact that is well documented.

We transition smoothly into the season premiere of Game of Thrones. In this spoiler heavy topic, the gang — well, not Mark — discusses what they thought about the episode and what it means for the series.

As is our forte, we spin off Game of Thrones — a show that is known for its shocking deaths — to the sudden passing of Prince. While we are not superfans of his, we understand the loss of such an influential artist. Combined with the death of David Bowie, the music world lost a couple heavy hitters, and we try to figure out who is our generation’s most influential artist and we come to the realization that it is someone we don’t want to admit.

The aforementioned realization helps to jumpstart the final topic, which is depressing so it is obviously from Mark. As three guys around the age of 30, the trio share moments when they realized that they were old, which include being a decade away from their 21st birthdays, being teased by their younger wife, and learning that little Chrissy Seaver from Growing Pains is 32. After the discussion, they all feel the urge to buy Ben Gay and watch reruns of Columbo.

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