Just when you thought you couldn’t love them more, your beloved Damies return for the third week in a row. Only a special event could bring them back their computers, and somehow it didn’t involve another Beyoncé diss track. Nevertheless, our trio does dig deep into Game of Thrones, the PlayStation “NEO”, and a certain film releasing this weekend.

Starting the podcast on the right foot, Dan mentions pro wrestling to Mark, and he proceeds to talk about it for five minutes.  Now, it is well known that Mark enjoys the rasslin’ but it was a moment during Monday Night Raw that moved Mark a bit. One of his favorite female wrestlers, Becky Lynch, had just lost a match and he felt an emotional reaction that a smart wrestling fan shouldn’t: sadness. Well, once again his co-hosts allow him to talk through his issues before moving on to the next topic.

If you care at all about Game of Thrones and you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, then you may want to avoid the second topic. Saying it is full of spoilers would be kind.

After spending what they hope is their final segment on Game of Thrones until the finale, Mark introduces a convoluted topic that is really about his unsure feelings on the changing console gaming landscape. Long cycles between console generations are the one constant in an exponentially growing technology market, but Mark fears that a switch to the “Apple formula” will hurt hardware manufacturers in the long run. If the PlayStation “NEO” is a success, it becomes the biggest shift in the history of the industry and the guys discuss what impact it could have business-wise for Sony and Microsoft. Very rarely are these shifts spearheaded by the company who is “winning”, and Mark feels that it’s a misstep by Sony. Eventually, he realizes that maybe he’s overreacting and offers a way that Sony could spin this and not lose a chuck of its customer base.

So you thought we’d make it through an entire podcast without talking about a comic book movie, huh?  Predictability is the motto of The Main Damie Podcast, and we always deliver. Only a self-hating podcast would avoid talking about the soon-to-be best Marvel film, Captain America: Civil War. In a moment of agreement, the guys share a similar excitement for the next chapter in the Captain America films. Like any good team battle, one must be loyal to one side or the other, and our guys are no different. Each Damier picks a side in the battle, and Dan learns there’s a reason he’s not seeing the movie with Anthony and Mark. Realizing that he has no chance of winning the argument, Dan shifts the topic to what is the one thing each of them wants to see happen in the film. Surprisingly, they are all on the same page and are excited to see if their predictions are even remotely correct.

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