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How much did our intrepid Damies enjoy Captain America: Civil War? Well, enough to dedicate an entire podcast to the newest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After mostly avoiding the mess that was DC’s recent entry, Anthony, Mark and Dan were all able to see the movie on opening weekend, so it seemed appropriate that they should assemble to discuss it.

As usual Mark starts the podcast off on a tangent and explains how he reached a new level of nerdy-ness this week. Anthony and Dan can’t imagine what he could have done to say this, but then he tells them the game he bought on Steam and they understand.

Instead of kicking Mark off the show, Anthony and Dan decide to steer the conversation back to the topic at hand. Anthony even uses an awesome segue to begin the spoiler filled episode. As mentioned in the last episode, Mark and Anthony saw the movie together, while Dan went on his own in the afternoon. Still slightly upset by the situation, Dan quickly learns that karma may have been on his side when Anthony reveals that the fire alarm went off during their late night viewing which caused them to leave the theater at 3 a.m. Mark says the situation could only mean one thing about the film, that it was…


Hoping to skip past Mark’s joke, Anthony begins a quick review of the film. In his excitement, he basically stops half way because there is a lot more to talk about than a simple synopsis of the plot. As with most Marvel movies, the characters are much more interesting than the plot, and thus, make a much better podcast.

You know characters are well done when the gang talks about them for the majority of the episode and can explain why without relying on the word “cool” or “awesome”. Most of the focus is on the newest enhanced person, Black Panther, who exceeded everyone’s expectations and actually made us excited for his stand alone movie. Spider-man and Ant-man aren’t new to those watching, but their performances add something to this film and those upcoming that was needed after Age of Ultron. Mark and Anthony were pleasantly surprised by many of the memorable moments, which helped reinvigorate their interest in the future films.

Dan, on the other hand, reveals that he is the worst date for a comic book movie. He makes a public apology to his fiancée for ruining all the surprises before they happened. He did avoid making a comment about Hawkeye’s appearance in the film because she likes Jeremy Renner, and in a Pavlovian response, Mark expresses his feelings for Hawkeye when his name is mentioned.

Renner’s performance isn’t so much the issue for Mark, but more that Hawkeye is an incredibly awful character. Everything about him irks Mark, including his attempt at a humble brag. Mark admits that his loyalty to Team Cap was shook when he realized Hawkeye was on the team, but his hatred of Fascism kept him from jumping ship.

After a thorough dissection of the best film so far this year, the gang discusses their overall thoughts and give the movie a rating, which obviously is the be all, end all of a film’s quality. Since the Main Damie enjoys its list, the trio rank their top three Marvel movies, and Anthony drops a bomb on his list that no one saw coming. Will the podcast ever be the same?

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