Our faithful Damies return this week with the strangest combination of topics that they’ve ever put together for this site. They found a way to mix both comic books and 80s pop princess. To say it’s a unique episode would be an understatement.

The podcast begins with reviewing our Memorial Day weekends, and Mark reveals that he is now part of the Philadelphia Cornhole league – I’ll wait for you to finish with your clever jokes. Curious about this league, Anthony and Dan pepper Mark with questions concerning his newfound “athletic” endeavor, which ends with the humblest of brags from Anthony.

Our first topic is the more predictable of the two this week, as we discuss “Captain Hydra” and the ramifications of this plot twist. Dan and Anthony take a more traditional look at what it means for comic books and why a new storyline is probably something that the series has needed. Mark, on the other hand, finds a way to connect it to pro wrestling and feels that the heel turn by Steve Rogers is a very exciting turn of events, and he hopes the writers don’t feel pressured to abandon their plan for this version of Captain America.

The trio finishes topic one by discussing the rumored negotiations between Brie Larson and Marvel to be Captain Marvel in the upcoming solo film and the next Avengers movies. Mark immediately shows his excitement for this rumored casting as he explained why he is “a Brie Larson truther” and hopes that her the choice of Larson will be along the same lines as Robert Downey Jr. Dan and Anthony both see the positives of the Larson choice but also suggest other actresses that could also fill this role who are maybe a little more known to the general public.

After Dan has to leave, things take a turn for the weird as Mark brings along another of his semi-coherent topics and discusses — you’re reading this right — Debbie Gibson. It all comes from discussing how different things in pop-culture are seen by the generations that follow their popularity. Mark went down a rabbit hole and discovered facts about Debbie Gibson’s time in the spotlight that would surprise even some of her original fans from the late 80s. Mark agrees that he doesn’t really have an endgame for the topic and just wanted to throw out these thoughts to Anthony to see if understood where he was coming from (he didn’t) or if you had any other examples of similar things in movies or TV (he doesn’t).

Thus ends one of the stranger podcast we’ve ever recorded, so tune in next week when we surely will talk about film noir from the 1940s and 50s along with the rise and fall of the Atari home gaming system in the early 1980s. (Note these are not really topics for the next podcast. Or are they?)

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