With EA moving to Sunday, Ubisoft became the bridge between the Microsoft and Sony press conferences. It is also the last conference to use a celebrity host with Aisha Tyler returning for her fifth year. She finally looks comfortable in the role and did her best to keep the long, drawn out show from putting people to sleep. Most of the surprise elements were lost when Ubisoft decided to hold a separate stream last week to announce the launch of Watch_Dogs_2, which is their biggest upcoming product.

Thumbs Up:


watch dogs

I won’t be fooled again. I won’t be fooled again.

As one of the millions that pre-ordered Watch_Dogs in 2013, I am very hesitant to get excited by the sequel even though everything about the game is exactly what I wanted in the first one. It is weird to be both excited and scared about a video game, but with the very disappointing final product of Watch_Dogs fresh in my mind, I am wavering on whether I should buy day one or not. Who am I kidding? If this game gets solid reviews, I will play it.

For Honor


This game looks both beautiful and brutal. In For Honor, you play as three classes — viking, samurai and a medieval knight — in a battle to the death for resources. The game has precise blocking and attack that will appeal to those that love realistic fighting, and will eventually develop in to some high-level, entertaining and competitive multi-player games. I think my excitement for this game stems from my love of the Souls games, and despite being terrible at them, I always look forward to dying constantly and love every minute of it.

Thumbs Down:

South Park segment

south park

This was the prime example of why the press conference felt slow and bloated. I still don’t understand the reason for interviewing Matt Stone and Trey Parker instead of letting them do a cameo and then showing the trailer for Fractured But Whole. The entire segment felt uncomfortable for both the viewer, and Parker and Stone, and really did nothing to sell the game. If you like South Park, you will buy this game anyway, so gearing the segment towards them was very short-sighted. The right move would have been to try to rope in the lapsed fans of either the show or turn-based RPGs, but this segment did neither and was a waste of time.

Assassins Creed Movie segment

assassins creed

Every thing about this is a giant NOPE. It may turn out to be a great action-thriller, but it will not come close to doing justice to the story of the first four games. I love Michael Fassbender as an actor, but I don’t think he can save this bad idea. I don’t get why Hollywood continues to try to make video game movies, yet refuses to learn from their mistakes. I would love to be wrong, but I don’t think I will be.

Moment of the Press Conference:

Trails of the Blood Dragon trailer


Zubaz!! Not much to say here, just watch the trailer. It was one of the most on point I’ve seen this year. The game could be terrible, but we will still have this trailer.