On this episode of The Main Damie Podcast, our lovable trio dives deep into the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and ask some thought provoking questions. But first they tread through a few quick topics ranging from texting gifs to Larry David, and maybe learn a little about each other in the process.

After the introductions, Mark explains why he enjoys answering text with gifs when a simple one word answer will do. Also, we find out that he does some strange things when he’s bored and just wants to troll his older sister.

They somehow find a way to transition from Mark’s little brother antics to a short convo on The Flash. Anthony flexes his recent comic book lore muscles, while Mark asks the most relevant question: Why doesn’t Reverse Flash run backwards?

Next, they pivot into a discussion about the recently announced ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Dan and Anthony are on board with Larry David bringing the series back to HBO, and have complete faith that he will do well. Mark, on the other hand, is worried that he may tarnish the legacy of the show, and even his status as a genius. Guys, he’s like really worried.

Finally, the gang discusses the topic of the show: E3. Mark excitedly begins the topic with the hyper-ness that can only come from lots of caffeine and four hours of sleep a night. The topic takes a strange turn when he shares his thoughts on VR, and well, um, I won’t spoil it. After getting it back on the rails, Mark hands out some winners and losers of the conference, including a discussion of Nintendo’s future.

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