This week on The Main Damie Podcast, our faithful trio decides to focus on one topic, and they still find a way to spend an hour on it. Their discussion centers on movies, movies and movies. So I think if you like films, you will love this podcast.

We open this episode discussing what we’ve done since we last recorded. Most of the conversation focuses on our Fourth of July weekends, and the movies that we have seen over the past few weeks. Mark and Anthony discuss how they hung out on Sunday to avoid unwanted gatherings. We are also introduced to Mark’s new microphone, which is part one of a strategy that he has for bringing more content to the website. While he stays vague on what it is, he’s confident that it will be a positive addition.

Our movie discussion begins with a quick discussion on the movie Swiss Army Man starring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. Mark and Anthony have a lot to say about it, and you can read the latter’s thoughts on the website, but they keep things spoiler-free for Dan who has not seen the movie yet. He does step away for a few minutes so Mark can ask the one burning question about the movie that he has for Anthony.

This leads into a discussion about A24’s movies and how awesome they’ve been recently. Mark brings up that he now just trust whatever they put out, and will see it without much thought. It’s a weird feeling and something that he hasn’t ever thought about before when it comes to a movie studio.

Our lovable Damies spend the rest of the podcast discussing the highlights of the first six months of releases and what they are looking forward to the rest of the year. While they haven’t seen a whole lot recently, and for good reason, they realize that’s because their most anticipated films of the year are slated to come out late summer/early fall. This is perfect for Mark, who usually waits until November to catch-up so that he can write a complete Top 10 list.

We hope that you enjoyed our midway point of 2016 movie catch up and look forward, and we will hopefully be back with our standard three topic episode starting next week. Thank you for listening and reading the site.

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