The time has finally come. One of our most anticipated releases has arrived, and our trio has some things to say about it. This episode is dedicated to DC second major film this year, Suicide Squad. While the gang liked it better than its predecessor, there were still major problems with the film. Even though their opinions weren’t all that much different, the effect on each Damies final verdict was wildly different.

Before jumping into the main discussion, Mark gave his first impressions on the highly anticipated space exploration/survival game, No Man’s Sky. As of the recording, he was only a few hours in, but did indicate that the game wasn’t for everyone, and that for the size of the team (around 15 people), it is delivering an experience that you would expect from a much larger studio. He promises to give a full review on the next episode.

Our heroes spend the rest of the episode dissecting the mess that is Suicide Squad. We begin with Mark’s thoughts, which falls somewhere in between his compatriots as he enjoyed the movie but understands that it is a poorly constructed film. He makes a comparison to Fast and the Furious, in the sense that he won’t seek out the film but if it is on TV, he’ll watch it.

Now that the boring part is out the way, we let Dan have the floor and he lets loose on the film in a way that only a DC fan can. He is unable to look past the negatives like Mark, or forgive some of them like Anthony, and gives the film a below average score. While he does find some redeeming qualities – Will Smith’s performance – he still finds issues within that positive.

They finish the episode with a short discussion on Jared Leto’s Joker, his relationship with Harley, and whether he even need to be in the film. As with their overall feelings on the movie itself, our loveable trio find common ground in some areas, but feel wildly different about others. They do agree that a complete opinion of the character can’t be made until we see him in the standalone Batman film.

We hope you enjoyed this episode, and look forward to next time when we break down why there needs to be a solo Captain Boomerang (What was the deal with the pink unicorn?) movie.

If you haven’t already, please read Anthony’s review of Suicide Squad for a full breakdown of this flawed film.


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