On this very special episode of The Main Damie Podcast, Mark and Anthony discuss everything from the awful planning of the MTA to the introduction of an ambitious event being held in the fall. Even without Dan, our beautiful Damies mange to give the audience the hour-long podcast that they demand.

We begin with Mark recapping the awesome, yet hellish Saturday he spent in New York. He was in the city for the WWE’s NXT Brooklyn special, and decided it would be easiest to travel to and from the event using the Big Apple’s great mass transit system. Little did his know, the MTA decided to choose that weekend for a scheduled shut down of certain train lines between Manhattan and Brooklyn, which included the train that would have dropped Mark off right at his hotel. Despite that, he discusses why the event was still worth all the hassle.

We then move on to the second topic, which basically is a roundup of the comic book/movie news of the past two weeks. Mark and Anthony don’t understand the backlash to Zendaya being cast as Mary Jane in the next Spider-Man film. As long as she doesn’t drag the film down, they don’t see any real downside to the decision. They also touch on Jared Leto’s statements and why he’s not really a method actor.

Zendaya cast as Mary Jane in Spider-man: Homecoming
Not my Mary Jane!

The episode closes with Mark discussing his experience with No Man’s Sky, and why the controversy surrounding it was way overblown. He also previews the upcoming Sony event on September 7th, and what he expects to be shown there. He also has a short tangent on why Time Magazine’s list of top 50 video games is driven more by the writers’ age than the actual impact of the games.

Finally, Mark and Anthony reveals some exciting new things coming to The Main Damie, including our participation in the Extra Life 24-hour charity gaming marathon to support The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The marathon will take place on November 5th, but we have not settled on a start time yet.

You can donate at any time by following this link: More details will follow in the coming weeks. If you cannot donate, we hope you at least hang out with us during the stream, which will be broadcast Hope to see you then!

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