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On this week’s episode of The Main Damie Podcast, Mark and Anthony soldier on without Dan, and discuss Extra Life, Stranger Things and PlayStation’s “meeting” in New York. We also learn that Mark’s youngest niece may be the only person whose blood is actually truth serum. As Mark puts it, she will answer any question minus the filter that most people older than five have.

The first topic of the show is about Extra Life and our participation in it. Mark explains more about exactly what the event is and why we’ve decided to get involved. Since our first mention of it last episode, we have solidified more details of what we plan on doing for the 24-hour stream and the possibility of video content coming to the Web site as we test our equipment and make sure we are prepared for a full day of streaming. For more details, you can visit our Extra Life page at Remember you can donate anytime between now and December 31st.

We move on from promoting our charity endeavor to discuss Anthony’s thoughts on the Netflix’s phenomenon, Stranger Things. This spurs a discussion on serialized shows such as The Night Of and Atlanta, and whether Mark is going to take the plunge in to watch Broadcast TV pilots, which he will because he is a masochist.

The majority of our episode is spent breaking down Sony’s reveal of the PlayStation Pro earlier in the week. Even after a few days, Mark still doesn’t understand what Sony accomplished by releasing a console that will be completely underpowered in less than 18 months. He’s disappointed that they didn’t change course after Microsoft revealed what will essentially be their new console at E3. The only thing he can think of is Sony is hitching its wagon to VR and needed a slightly powerful machine to run it properly.

Next week, we hope to have Dan and a lot more details on Extra Life. Make sure you keep an eye on the Web site for more information about the marathon and all video content coming to The Main Damie.