PLOT: A team of scouts gets caught up in the zombie apocalypse and have to use their learned skills to save their town.

Superbad with zombies. That’s basically what this movie is (Hey, it even says that on the poster!)  That might sound a little glib, to sum it up so simply, but I actually enjoyed this movie quite a bit. It’s a movie that gets the push-and-pull of a horror-comedy better than most of its contemporaries in this subgenre, more so than say Zombeavers or The Final Girls, which I reviewed last year.

The plot is simple: two high school sophomores are trying to go to a super-secret party that usually only seniors are invited to, but they’re stuck going to a scout retreat, even though, mentally, their done being scouts. When they try to sneak off, they realize that the entire town has been overrun with zombies and it then becomes a mission to survive and to save the partygoers from the undead and a military air strike. Thrown in an ass-kicking cocktail waitress from the local strip club, and you have a pretty decent zombie apocalypse team.

Like I said, the movie is Superbad with zombies. It touches on a lot of similar themes of friendship and growing up with some nice heartfelt moments. I like a movie that can execute both horror and comedy well, and I think this film achieves it. The final scene is pretty rewarding, too, as we finally get to see those scouts put their skills to good use and kick some serious zombie ass.


gore 1

Lots of gore in this one, but the CG gore you’d usually find in a zombie movie like this. Most of the blood and guts come from the destruction of the masses of the undead, so it’s a little less impactful, but it’s there.


GORE RATING: 3 out of 5



It’s a comedy, so there aren’t too many scares in this one, however, there are some nail-biting scenes in it, especially towards the end; this is tension, though, in a way an action movie is tense.


Scares Rating: 1 out of 5



sex nudity

There’s a bit of nudity in this one. The two main characters head to a strip club and a zombie stripper does her routine before she tries to eat them, and then there’s an even more gratuitous scene of a large-breasted zombie female cop having her shirt ripped off by a gate. There’s even a scene where a girl receives brief oral sex from a zombie, right before it kills her.  This score loses a half-point because zombie boobs are slightly less than non-zombie boobs.


Sex/Nudity Rating: 3 out of 5



I dug this movie. It never takes itself too seriously, but it still accomplishes a horror-comedy-action vibe really well. It might not be Shaun of the Dead (a modern classic as far as I’m concerned) or Zombieland for that matter, but it strikes a nice balance between laughs and scares. It’s a decent movie to thrown on during a party to have on in the background or if you’ve imbibed.


Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10