With our Extra Life 24-hour gaming marathon only a month away, we thought it would appropriate to lay out some more detailed information about our plans for the event. Starting with the obvious time, date and place so that everyone who wants to watch will know when and where to join us.

The marathon will begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday, November 5th, and you can watch our stream at www.twitch.tv/themaindamie. You don’t have to wait until the marathon to donate, but those 24 hours will be our big fundraising push, so if you cannot join us, please visit The Main Damie donation page to pledge your money to our charity, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Extra Life will take donations anytime from right now until December 31st, and all donations are tax-deductible.

Now that all the basic information is out-of-the-way, below is a tentative timetable of when and what we will be playing:

9 a.m. — No Man’s Sky


12 p.m. — Link to the Past/Wii Virtual Console


4 p.m. — Multiplayer (Nidhogg, Tricky Towers, Dive Kick, Injustice)


7 p.m. — Xbox (Deus Ex, Super Mega Baseball, and maybe, Rare Replay and Fallout 4)


12 a.m. — Horror (P.T., Until Dawn, Resident Evils)


As we mentioned before, these are tentative times and games, and we will be adding and/or moving games around as we add guests to the stream. Our hope is to make these appearances special and tailored to the guest, and we will update the site once we get confirmations. We are also planning to have a wheel of challenges that will be spun at certain donation levels or when we meet certain goals, and trust me, these will not be pleasant challenges. This all depends on if we can get a wheel in time (fingers crossed).

Also, we will be running test streams on Twitch between now and the marathon. We will be streaming twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays, which we hope will help us work out the kinks of both the devices/programs we are using and give us some experience streaming before attempting it for 24 hours. Outside of these small tests, we will have one big test some time before the marathon that will be mostly about perfecting the marathon setup.

We hope you will either join us during this crazy (but charitable) endeavor, or help us reach our donation goal, but we wouldn’t be mad if you did both. If you are unable to make it or donate, we hope you will at least signal boost our effort, and honestly, any help will be appreciated. If you have any questions, feel free to send a message to Mark on Twitter (@offthemarktweet), our Facebook page, or send an e-mail to themaindamie@gmail.com. We hope to see in month!