PLOT: A young psychiatrist interviews for patients at an asylum in order to secure a job at the facility.

This is a decent anthology film; it has a couple of pretty good stories, and the wraparound vignette is compelling enough to keep you interested when some of the stories fall flat. It has a pretty nice cast list: Peter Cushing, Britt Ekland, Charlotte Rampling, and Jesus himself, Robert Powell.

As I’ve said in previous reviews concerning anthology films, cohesion is an important aspect of making a good one, and I think the film accomplishes that. The story within the asylum is one of the strongest aspects of the movie, so it is able to hold everything together, even when some of the stories get kind of weird.


gore 1

Sort of a meh on this one. In the first story, someone gets chopped up into little pieces and we barely get to see any of it. This is about on par with American films, but pales into comparison with movies from Hammer Films, the rival UK-based horror company.


Gore Rating: 1.5 out of 5




There are some moments that are unsettling, but nothing too crazy to keep you up at night. I like the first story and the last one, but they’re both pretty odd and not that scary.


Scare Rating: 2 out of 5



sex nudity


Nothing. Even the usually dependably odd Parents’ Guide on IMDB skips this aspect of the Advisory. There are some very attractive women in this (Charlotte Rampling, Britt Ekland), but this film is quite asexual.


Sex/Nudity Rating: 0 out of 5




This anthology does things pretty well. It’s pretty cohesive and the wraparound story is just as interesting as the vignettes, sometimes even more so. It starts off really strong with “Frozen Fear” and ends well with the conclusion of “Mannikins of Horror”, but the middle hits a bit of a lull, especially with “The Weird Tailor”, which is just too goofy, even with Peter Cushing in it.


Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10