It’s almost Election Day! As we approach November 8th, which looks to be one of the most contentious elections in recent memory (we probably say that every time), It’s interesting to take a step back and think about how politics are played out in our pop culture, especially when said pop culture is usually apolitical.

For this Election Day, I decided to do a few lists. First up, it’s 5 Fictional Characters That Would Vote For Donald Trump. I hope to have to you two more similar lists for Hillary Clinton and for Third Party Candidates later today.


5. Uncle Ruckus – The Boondocks


A self-hating black man, Uncle Ruckus spouts white supremacist rhetoric that would make David Duke blush. In his teen years, he even protested against Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and hates Barack Obama with a passion, even going so far as to bring up birther conspiracy theories.

While Uncle Ruckus represents the worst of humanity, and in no way represents the average Republican voter, Uncle Ruckus would gladly vote for Trump in an effort to rid the country of immigrants, Muslims, and refugees. Plus, he kind of already exists.


4. Alex P. Keaton – Family Ties


At this point of his life, he might actually be Trump’s campaign manager, but when Family Ties was on the air during the Reagan 80’s, Michael J. Fox’s portrayal of Alex P. Keaton set the political tone for the family sitcom. Alex had framed pictures of Richard Nixon, constantly feuded with his old hippy parents, and even got a short-lived job managing money. It’s unlikely that he changed his views in his later years, and maybe Trump wasn’t his first choice, but Keaton seems to be the type to vote staunchly along party lines.


3. C. Montgomery Burns – The Simpsons


I’m not just claiming Burns as a Republican because he’s an evil billionaire; The Simpsons have never shied away from politics, and Mr. Burns is one of the most powerful Republicans in Springfield. With the help of conservative shock jock, Birch Barlow, Mr. Burns nearly rigged the mayoral election to help Sideshow Bob overtake incumbent buffoon Joe Quimby (though Mr. Burns was never really implicated in this, it stands to reason that he more than likely had a hand in it, at least from a financial standpoint). He chairs for the Springfield Republican Party and has even stumped for Mitt Romney back in 2012.


2. Tony Soprano – The Sopranos


The Soprano family, both Tony and Carmela, were Republicans during the show’s run. Maybe Carmela would lean left at this point, especially if she sees any similarity between herself and Hillary, but Tony is a Trump supporter all the way. For one thing, Tony would have Chris Christie in his back pocket, no doubt about it. In the world of The Sopranos, there’s no way that Tony’s la familia doesn’t have a hand in the rebuilding of the Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy, and after that, Chris Christie would more or less be just a Mafia stooge. It stands to reason that Tony would have a lot of interest in seeing Donald take the election, seeing as how he’d most likely have a puppet in a high-ranking seat in Washington. On top of that, his whole business model is based on Bain capital, which past Republican nominees have thrived on.


1. Jack Donaghy – 30 Rock


It’s only fitting that Jack Donaghy would vote for Donald Trump, seeing as how Alec Baldwin has revitalized the most recent season of Saturday Night Live with his scarily-accurate lampooning of the former host of The Apprentice. Not only would Jack vote for Donald, he’d probably one of his biggest campaign supporters, throwing big money dinners to make sure that his taxes stay low and that he can outsource the production on his microwave/Pontiac Aztek to third-world countries without repercussion. Heck, there’s even a chance that Donald Trump took some inspiration from some elements of season two.


What do you think? Are there any other characters you can think of that would vote for the Donald?