Our brave leaders return from the Fortress of Solitude to deliver a new episode of The Main Damie Podcast. After an extended break, Senior Editors Mark and Dan, along with Editor-in-Chief Anthony, are back and better (?) than ever.

We begin the episode with a quick catching up segment where we learn more about Mark’s streaming over at, Dan’s movie adventures and Anthony’s one trip outside the house. Most of the discussion surrounds Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the two different reactions from Anthony and Dan’s significant others.

After talking about Eddie Redmayne’s acting, we take our law mandated trip to Video Game Corner. Mark opens with his early thoughts on Final Fantasy XV, and why it was worth the 10-year wait. The discussion move to a breakdown of The Game Awards (aka The Keighley’s), and this weekend’s PlayStation Experience in Anaheim. But it wouldn’t be a Video Game Corner without Anthony asking about No Man’s Sky, so Mark explains what the new Foundation Patch includes and rants on the backlash against Hello Games.

We turn onto a small alley near Video Game Corner to investigate why our Editor-in-Chief purchased a PlayStation 4 during Black Friday. Mark congratulates him on finally getting back in to the video game world, and wonders how he’s enjoying it after skipping two console generations. Anthony shares his thoughts on both Uncharted 4 and Life is Strange (The Main Damie’s Game of the Year 2015) and how he is pleasantly surprised with consoles multimedia features.

It wouldn’t be The Main Damie Podcast if we didn’t discuss comic book movies, and this time we even avoid talking about the Joker. Our choice to discuss this wasn’t without merit as Marvel released the kick-ass trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 on Saturday. This leads into multiple tangents that include everything from Fast 8 to Max Landis (we don’t even know how). The tl;dr of this topic, we are excited for the 2017 releases.

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