After a winter’s worth of hibernation, the crew at the Main Damie awaken with a new episode of the podcast just in time for Spring. We take a bit to get back into the groove but after a few minutes, we’re back to the same old dumpster truck on fire. We touch on our old stand-bys — video games and comic book movies — but we also update everyone on our new endeavor: video content.

Now that they are all “gamers”, the gang spends the first section of the podcast talking about video games. Mark opens with an update on the site’s expansion into Twitch Streaming, and what the future holds for the YouTube channel. He hopes to increase the output of the two channels now that everyone has more experience with this type of content. If you are not already, follow us on twitter (@themaindamie) for updates on everything Twitch and YouTube.

We then take a trip to Video Game Corner where the release of the Nintendo Switch has crept up on all of us. With so many new releases since the last episode, Mark focuses on those that have been more noteworthy, including Resident Evil VII and Horizon: Zero Dawn. He also introduces a new segment which focuses more on the news side of the industry, and spends some time discussing ZeniMax’s in court win against Oculus. We also dive deep into Anthony’s new love of GTA V.

The second half of the episode is spent talking about upcoming comic book movies with most of the focus on the upcoming Ben Affleck Batman solo project. Since he is an expert on all things Batman, Dan beautifully breaks down the reasons behind the switch in directors and the hope that they may have righted the ship in the DC Cinematic Universe. Also, Dan believes you can’t screw up Batman, which may be true, but we’d love to hear what you think.

Thank you for listening. If you like what you heard, make sure you follow us on Twitch and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We are at the beginning stage and we’d love for you to come along for the ride.