On this edition of The Main Damie podcast, our lovable trio discusses everything from remembering the time that Goldberg first won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship to why it was awesome that Logan finally was allowed to chop off limbs.

We begin this episode with a throwback to previous topics where we discussed something random that really has nothing to do with video games, movies, or comic books. This time, Mark was curious about what random fact do you remember as clearly as if it happened yesterday. He discusses his 13th birthday (he mistakenly says 12th in the podcast) in which he witnessed Goldberg finally beat Hollywood Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship, and celebrated with his neighbor. Anthony, with only about 15 minutes of preparation, remembered the first night that he saw a rated R movie, and the exact Simpsons episode that aired that night too.
Our trip down Memory Lane brings right to Video Game Corner, and our biweekly look in the world video games. Mark begins this segment by discussing the recent release of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the Nintendo Switch, which for the most part has been smooth, but it has had some rather unique issues. He also reveals our intention to expand our Twitch streaming and YouTube presence since we are now fully capable of doing both without worry.

As we leave Video Game Corner, we meet Dan and begin our long discussion about Logan. As we warn in the podcast, this discussion is spoiler heavy as we give our thoughts on this terrific movie. Since our discussion took almost half of the podcast, we would say the movie is definitely worth seeing. Without getting into any spoilers here, it is the most excited the three of us have been after seeing a movie. There’s no contrary opinion; it is a unanimous decision that Logan is not only one of the best comic book movies in recent years but in general, a good movie regardless of genre. Editor’s Note: You can read our Logan review HERE as well.

We thank you for listening, and hopefully next time we will be as excited about our topics as this one, but there’s a better chance we will return to our cynical nature. It’s obviously why you love us.

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