On this episode of The Main Damie Podcast, we are short one Dan Aquino as he covers his all-time favorite sport, college basketball. Mark and Anthony soldier on without him, and cover everything from Power Rangers to conspiracy theories. We spent too much time on one of these topics; I’ll let you guess which one.




Mark starts the show discussing his three-hour trip back to his childhood while watching the Twitch marathon of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. As usual, he dives too deep into the way the episodes are produced, and he shares his thoughts about the show’s quality. Anthony joins Mark on this nostalgia trip as they discuss Power Ranger toys, how long they watched the series, and how Mark didn’t own the movie on VHS. *Ron Howard voiceover* He did.

At this point, we transition ever so smoothly into our main topic: the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. Mark and Anthony, who saw this movie at two completely different theaters with two completely different sets of people (we swear!), discuss whether the remake lives up to the animated movie, and if it’s worthy of being this generation is Beauty in the Beast. They also spent some time on the controversy surrounding Josh Gad’s character and why it wasn’t such a big deal. Oh, and Anthony really didn’t like a certain former Star Wars actor’s performance in this film.

We take a quick trip to Video Game Corner, and discuss the failed launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Mark theorizes that it may have been rushed so that it would release before the end of the fiscal year, even though it probably needed at least six more months of production. We also update the sales figures for the Nintendo Switch, and how it’s currently on a Wii-like trajectory. Despite early evidence, Mark believes that there’s no way it ever matches the Wii’s lifetime sales (101 Million), and he believes it would be a victory for Nintendo if it only passes GameCube’s sales (21 Million).

The final topic needs very little set up because discussing it would spoil what we talk about. The topic is conspiracy theories: those that we believe, and those that we find most fascinating. Mark brings up a long-held grudge in his family against Christopher Walken, and Anthony has a trio of theories that he quite enjoys. We would love to hear your favorite conspiracy theories, and whether you actually believe them or not.

We will return next episode with the biggest March Madness fan we know, Dan, and hopefully Mark will spend 25 minutes previewing The Fate of the Furious (it’s about family, you know). Hope you enjoy the episode and we will see you in two weeks!

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