On this episode of The Main Damie podcast, we return from a busy few weeks to discuss the only thing that matters, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and as usual, we spend more time on it than we anticipate.

Before we jump into our main topic, we discuss what we have done since our last podcast, including celebrating the wedding of friends of the site, Nicole and Tom, and also take a trip to Video Game Corner. During the discussions, we learn than Dan doesn’t like to be forced to dance, and Mark is upset that he won’t be able to kill fashion moguls with fire axes anymore.

We spend the second half-hour taking about Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and keep it mostly spoiler-free, but we highly recommend heeding our warning near the end. We finish the topic by going deep into spoilers, and discussing how we think the events of this film fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thank you for listening, and join us next time when Mark discusses what he expects from E3, and what it may mean for the rest of the year during Video Game Corner’s preview of the marquee event.

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